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June 9, 2015

44 IFITTT Recipes Community Managers Can’t Live Without

August 18, 2014

Social Bacon

Multitasking and automation win when it comes to community management. I recently got back into the Twitter chat swing and while on one of my favorites this week (#likeablechat), the topic of social automation came up. I immediately recommended IFITT for anyone looking to connect and simplify their online life and connect it with their mobile devices for ultimate productivity.

IFITTT is a service that lets you control the web with a simple formula:

If This, Then That. 

It works on “triggers”  that you set up, so if one of your triggers happens, you can create an automatic action for that trigger to execute.

For example, “If I post a photo to Instagram, then post that picture to Twitter” will take the photo you uploaded to Instagram and post it as a native picture to Twitter so that it shows up in the timeline (rather than that icky Instagram link)…

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[Baking] Pecan Dreams

December 20, 2012
  1. Yum. This is the end result.
  2. Here’s the battered old recipe we’ve had for years!
  3. Measuring the ingrediaents.
  4. Mixing
  5. Kitchen Aid mixed makes everything so easy.
  6. Rolling out for baking.
  7. Out of the oven.
  8. After being rolled in powdered sugar.

I’m on Google Plus

August 10, 2011

Google Plus

You’ve probably come here because I commented on a post on a WordPress blog.

I’m most active these days on Google Plus.

My main site is over here: SteveGarfield.com


David Pogue Interview from MacWorld Boston 2005

February 8, 2010

Here’s my laugh a minute interview with David Pogue, NY Times columnist and author of “Mac OS X The Missing Manual”.
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January 22, 2010


January 22, 2010

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