I Can’t Open It: Progresso Soup

March 15, 2006

Watch the video

Progresso Soup has new packaging to allow you to heat up your soup in the microwave.

The only problem is that you can’t open it.

Progresso Soup provides a downloadable PDF document explaining a three step process to help you get the lid off.

I tried it. It doesn’t help.

There are a few problems here.

One, if you’ve got to create a three step diagram on how to open a can of soup, you’ve got a design problem. Go back and change the lid. Take a look at the lid on a Pringles can. Thos come off pretty easily.

Two, If you are going to put a diagram on the web, try using a .gif or .jpg. Why make me download a PDF?




  1. […] “I can’t open it” By Steve Garfield. Very funny. […]

  2. I heated a can of soup. The lid exploded and the
    soup scalded me. But, it was a metal can. I heated in a toolbox oven for vehicles. Do you know of any
    lawyers taking on Progresso and their packaging.

  3. […] also showed a videocast of Steve Garfield (called “I can’t open it”), who is considered a pioneer of […]

  4. Lol, we are all clueless aren’t we?! Lol……. I’m just sittin’ here starin’ at my soup can…. haha.

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